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Antibody Test Kit

Blood IgM-IgG Laboratory Test

Having a Blood IgM & IgG test keeps you aware of your immunity status - whether you are at risk of contracting the virus or COVID-free.

Home Covid Antibody Test tells if certain antibodies are present in the blood.

Using the test, you will find out if you:


Have an active infection and need to self-isolate.

Do not have an infection and at risk of contracting the virus.

Have recovered from a recent infection and now immune to the virus.

How it works

Self-Collected Sample

Option 1

Step 1

Order Covid Antibody Test Kit Online at www.suffolkmedicalsupplies.co.uk

Step 3

Send the sample to the testing lab pre-addressed in the envelope for assessment.

Step 2

Collect a few droplets of fingerpicked blood in a micro-container tube.

Step 4

Get your results through your personal COVID CARE online account.

Sample Collected by Phlebotomist

Option 2

Step 1

Order Covid Antibody Test Kit Online at www.suffolkmedicalsupplies.co.uk

Step 3

A licensed phlebotomist will attend your address and obtain your blood sample.

The phlebotomist will deliver or send your sample to an accredited partner laboratory for analysis.

Step 2

Instructions and contact details of a local phlebotomist will be sent to you via email. You will need to contact the phlebotomist and organise collection of sample at your home or workplace.

Step 4

Test result will be available within 48 hours of obtaining the sample.

An additional home visit Phlebotomy service cost will be charged during the collection of the sample (inclusive of lab shipping charge). The prices are £78 (Inside M25) and £58 (Outside M25). An additional fee may be collected for visits in extremely rural parts of Scotland and Cornwall. These fees are calculated as per Home Visit. If multiple samples are taken from a visit, an additional smaller fee will be charged for each person.

What to do if Covid Antibody test is positive?


If you test positive for corona-virus and are minimally ill, don’t go to the emergency room or the hospital. Instead, contact your doctor’s office or connect with a doctor through the Tele Patient app. It’s important to self-isolate to reduce the risk of transmission of virus others around you.


Not only does the Covid Antibody Test detect ongoing infection, it also confirms if you have recovered from Covid and are now immune to future infection. However, antibody test does not diagnose the infection in early stages. The test detects antibodies in your blood which appears approximately 7 days after initial infection.

In order to have absolute certainty of Covid infection at any stage or Covid immunity, you may consider performing both PCR and Antibody tests. 

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