Full Face Protective Shield


  • A simple 2-piece lightweight full face shield / visor. Protects the face and eyes from harmful spray or splashes.

  • Optically clear film gives superb visibility.

  • 40mm wide adjustable polyester headband provides a comfortable and secure fit.

  • The 2-part visor is quick to assemble (30Secs) and as easy to adjust as a baseball cap. 

40mm headband provides a comfortable and secure fit with 13 point adjustment. The visor is secured via locking tabs which provide a wobble free shield. The shield is lightweight at 65 grams per unit. 

Level of Protection: 
The full-face shield protects the whole face from forehead to the neck. Providing fully effective protection from liquid splashes or bodily fluids. 

Non fogging, optically clear, distortion free 500mic PET film for the shield and headbrand provides great dimensional stability. Corona Treated to ASTM D-2578. The Materials can be cleaned using alcohol wipes or commercial liquid disinfectants. Satisfactory


Surface Condition: 
The cutting process and film thickness ensure there are no sharp edges avoiding any injury to the wearer 

Compatibility with different PPE for simultaneous use 

The visor can be worn with or without prescription eyewear, contact lenses & face masks. 

Instructions & Specification
CE Certified & BSI approved to (EU) 2020/403, Documentation & instruction sheet. Packaging 
Bagged and boxed in 250’s 


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